Who We Are

Hello and welcome to our website! We’d love to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

What is Enchanted Uganda Safaris?

We are an eco-tourism Ugandan Tour Operator that’s locally owned and run, large enough to be respected as a premier safari company in Uganda, and still small enough to care about each of our travelers.

Passionate about safaris

At the end of the day, our guides are happy with their jobs, love the interaction with people of different cultures, and work hard to make sure that their clients are satisfied. All of that becomes very apparent when you experience Uganda alongside their insightful eyes. Our trained guides are the key to a great safari!

A guide’s knowledge, sensitivity, and good humour are some of the most essential elements of a successful Uganda tour. And quite simply, Enchanted Uganda Safaris guides are the best. We don’t say so. Our clients do! They have been very enthusiastic about every one of them. Our small size gives us the ability to respond to each of our clients as individuals, with unique needs, wants, and desires.

When you call, any member of our staff will answer your questions with authority and patience. After you book a trip, we’ll stay in contact, providing you with thorough information about your trip.

This level of personal interaction continues in Uganda, where our staff is as curious about you as you are about them. We take care of all the details from helping you choose the best trip to match your interests and budget, to advise you on your international flights.

We are known for our personalized and professional service. Contact us and you will immediately experience the difference. We have the resources and the knowledge to get things done.

Being experienced locals ourselves, we know how to work out all the details of your journey, and can handle any unforeseen events along the way with ease and professionalism.

All this translates into the smoothest and safest possible safari experience for our clients. Another benefit of being a locally owned and run company is that we have long-standing relationships with the Ugandan Government, game wardens, park keepers, the Uganda Tourism Board, and the Ministry of Tourism.

These friendships are extremely helpful when problems arise, and are essential to the running of safe, successful safaris in Uganda. Everyone who works for Enchanted Uganda Safaris has an enthusiastic commitment to the protection of Uganda’s natural resources.

We practice low impact tourism in Uganda. When you travel with us, you are supporting sustainable and responsible tourism that helps the country.

Local experts, great value for you

Because there is no middleman with our company, we can offer higher quality safaris for a better price. Whether you choose our budget camping safaris, or our more luxurious lodge safaris you can trust that with us you are getting the best value for your money possible.

Because we own our own operations in Uganda, we never have to cut corners to offer a great safari at a reasonable price. Just take a look at our safari itineraries and you’ll see the difference with larger commercial operators.

And remember: we take care of all the details. Our service includes advising you on your international flights to Uganda and providing you with comprehensive pre-departure information. All so you can be confident that you are well prepared for your gorilla safari or trekking adventure.

So, contact us and take your first step toward the trip of a lifetime!

Best travel and accommodation

Our cars provide you with comfort and are perfect for travel even to the remotest areas of the country. And, you’ll definitely enjoy the serenity of our accommodation facilities.